(Prices are subject to change)

Served with your choice of one of the following: mashed potatoes, french fries, or cole slaw

Fried Chicken Tenders
Country breaded tenders.  $12.99

Grilled Chicken Platter
Seasoned chicken breasts topped w/ grilled mushrooms and onions.  $12.99

Southern Pot Roast
Home-style, tender slices of beef roast topped with brown gravy, just like mom used to make.  $12.99

New York Strip Steak
Our 8 oz NY strip char-grilled to order.  $14.99

Crawfish Plate
A heaping helping of fried crawfish tails.  $13.99

Catfish Plate
Fried catfish strips and your choice of sides.  $13.99

Fried Shrimp Plate (Shrimp imported from South America)
Fried shrimp and your choice of sides.  $13.99